Android My Cloud APP indexing lost


I have thousands of songs streaming from My Cloud storage.

On my Samsung Note 3, I can connect to my My Cloud streaming service over LTE, and select All Tracks.

So far so good.

The problems:

  1. It only indexes the first 30-50 songs alphabetically. Therefore any playback at random only selects from this first batch. I need to scroll to the bottom of the list until I see “Release to Refresh”, whereby it then grabs another 30-50. Did I mention I have thousands of songs?

  2. If I close the app, or even click on one of the songs on the list to to play to focus on the player, then back out of the player to look at the list, it has reset to just show the first 30-50 songs again.

  3. The only way I can properly random play all my songs is to manually scroll through each 30-50 batch and force it to grab the next batch until i reach the end. But that means I can’t initiate the player from that list.

  4. The only way I’ve found to make this work is:
    a) Open the app, play a song from the first batch, let the player play and go back to the list.
    b) The player then becomes independent playing in the background, and I can stay focused on the list
    c) Scroll through the list until all my songs are indexed, being careful not to accidentally hit a song to play from that list (you can actually quickly hit the back button when the Cloud icon is rotating retrieving the song and not lose the full index, leaving the player instance running in the background.
    d) Once the list is fully indexed, don’t close the app focus out of it. You can then focus on the player and can play next random song out of the full list from the player, but that’s bearable.

  5. I purposely don’t have any cache enabled on the app. I don’t think an index is part of what the cache is meant for, correct me if I’m wrong.

Questions, and appreciate anyone who followed me until now:

  1. What am i doing wrong? Is this the normal way this is supposed to work?
  2. Why does the app lose the index when it closes? My DLNA capable stereo does not lose the information, it can quickly show all my tracks and operate at random play whenever I initiate it instantly
  3. Am I eating up memory and battery faster by operating the app this way?


Hi marinewonder,

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this.

To Contact WD for Technical Support