Android My Cloud app EULA

I’ve just opened the My Cloud app on my Android phone and been presented with an EULA to which I must press the agree button. I’ve scrolled up down and to the right and there is no agree button, so I’m stuffed.

Has anyone else had this problem ?

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Ich habe das gleiche Problem, finde auch kein Akzeptieren - Button. Demzufolge kann ich auch keinen Zugriff vom Handy zum Cloud Gerät bekommen!
Ich habe das Problem gelöst:
Handy Anzeige einstellen auf
Anzeigegrösse auf “Standard”
Schriftgröße auf “Normal”
dann ist der Button “Zustimmen”
zu sehen.

not sure if the OP speaks German … here’s a google translated to English

I have the same problem, I don’t find an accept button either. As a result, I cannot get access from my cell phone to the cloud device!
I solved the problem:
Set cell phone display to
Display size on “Standard”
Font size on “normal”
then the button “Agree”
to see.

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Me and my wife have the same problem with Huawei P20pro Android 9 . With Android 6 we have half a button at the bottom, but no chance with Android 9 under Huawei. Fortunately, the media files are still uploaded after opening the app,

Resetting the font and display size works.

Many thanks to Joey Smith

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WD Community,

Thanks for posting the “font” workaround.

My Cloud Android Mobile App License Agreement Issue

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