Android My Cloud App Auto Sync Failure

Your instructions for your My Cloud app say that auto sync will synchronize all files in the downloads tab of your app. Do you know what synchronize means? I have rebooted, reinstalled, etc, etc, etc, and your auto sync only syncs one way which is from the My Cloud drive to the My Cloud Android app. Why confuse all your customers with your flipping erroneous instructions! I have spent hours upon hours trying to get this to work! THIS FEATURE IS NOT AUTO SYNC! IT IS WHAT IS CALLED ONE-WAY OR ONE DIRECTIONAL SYNC. PLEASE DO YOUR FLIPPING JOB AND UPDATE YOUR ERRONEOUS INSTRUCTIONS/FEATURE DESCRIPTION ASAP! Why is it now the customer’s job to do the manufacturer’s job for them! The instructions I am speaking of are the instructions provided when you access the Help feature from within the app. Please update ASAP!


Thanks for sharing your concerns with us about the instructions of the app. As a recommendation, create a case with support directly as this is a user to user community.

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