Android/iOS app to MANAGE Drives

I know there is an app to access the drives content. But I miss an option to manage the drive. If I need to turn off muy drive, I can only do it turning on my notebbok to acesse the drive dashboard and turn it off. Would be amazing an app to turn off, creat shares, give users permissions, etc. An app to access the drives dashboard. Would it be possible?

On your local network you should be able to shut down your NAS from your mobile device by using the mobile version of Chrome. Type your unit’s IP address as the URL in order to access the Dashboard.

Yes, I know I can use my mobile browser. But you have to agree it would be much more easier, practical, coller and stylishly simple have a interface. Also the mobile app could save my credentials and I will not to login each time I want to turn-off the device.

Hi @persiomenezes,

Thanks for your idea! As the world becomes more mobile-first oriented, we are taking that into consideration as well.

I personally tend to agree that configuring a device through a mobile web browser is not desirable.


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Status: Acknowledged

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Agree with this suggestion