Android Gallary -> Share to WD Cloud? How do I access these elsewhere?

I’m a bit confused here… My goal just a moment ago was to share some of my pics from my “Camera” folder to my WD My Cloud device sitting a few feet away from me. However, when I selected “WD My Cloud” from the share icon, it brings me to a “Downloads” folder…

What’s the point of this Downloads folder? Is this just a folder that I can use for my one Android device? I’m totally confused here.

The way Dropbox has their “Share via” feature to work makes so much more sense. You select a picture, click share, and it uploads to drop box. What in the world is going on when I try this with WD?

Hi altjx, to upload pictures, from the My Cloud app open the folder where you want to upload the pictures, press the options button and select the option to upload. 

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Gotcha. Thanks so much for the help!