Android file navigation app. See files on cell phone. Will WD TV Live Hub get this?

The remote app looks neat, but I want something where I can use my android cell phone to navigate the files on the WD TV Live Hub and play them back without having a display hooked up. Gmote does this (to some degree of success) with windows media servers, but I want to use the WD TV Live Hub and no PC. I don’t need this for video files of course, but it is essential for music. I don’t want to turn on a display to listen to music.

Does anybody know if this is coming? This would be so handy. If there is a thread where I can make a feature request, tell me where. This is so important and so useful it’s frustrating waiting for it.

Also, can you program music file playback?

thanks in advance for any info,


You can submit your request in the Ideas forum,

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There is no exact or official app that can do exactly that but there are apps out there that can do that function. You can try Twonky or WD TV Live Media Player by ZappoTV which is both available for android and iOS. What it actually does is the hub streams the files in your smartphone so you can browse and watch the hub’s files in the smartphone and it has a function to stream those files back to the hub so it will be played in the hub.

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Thanks guys. I will make a request and also look at the stuff suggested here.

Ultimately, I want to rip all my DVD’s, BD and CD’s to a WD TV Live Hub and/or ext HDD connected to it, and play those files back on my HDTV and audio system in living room and my audio-video system in my bedroom.

I am really hoping to one day have all my CD’s on a WD TV Live hub and/or ext connected HDD, turn on my receiver and the WD and just play the files via my android. I will still need remote to control volume, but that’s ok.

thanks for the feedback folks,