Android application OS5, alternative, API


I’ve been using OS5 android application for about 6 months (EX4100). I was pretty disappointed about that, but I gave it a chance. It has not got any better yet and I am sick and tired of using it.

  • I’d like to ask if there is an alternative (for android) to the WD app.
  • I am also wondering about making a more suitable (for my purposes) app myself. So, my second question is, if the access to these devices (over the internet, not locally) has a public API library (what about logging, listing files and requesting them over the internet) for C++ or Java or .Net or something. I guess the web interface of OS5 could be somehow exploited for that, but it’s not my preferred solution.

Thank you for the info


As per your concern, unfortunately, it is true that there is no alternative available for the OS 5 android application.

However, you can use the web link for accessing My Cloud device:

Thank you for the reply.

To be honest I am more curious about the second part of the question.
There must be an interface wd is using for web app and mobile apps.
Is this API shared among the third party developers or wd just refuses to have it public?
And if it is shared, where I could reach it?