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WDTV MediaPlayers Remote allows you to control WDTV devices via WiFi connection and is available for FREE or DONATE (ad free) versions on the Android Market.

Is compatible with Android 1.5 (or above) devices and WDTV models:
WDTV Live Hub (official firmware)
WDTV Live (WDlxTV firmware)
WDTV Live Plus (WDlxTV firmware)
WDTV Gen2 (WDlxTV firmware)
WDTV (WDlxTV firmware)

You can send commands via:

  • Touch screen buttons.
  • Gesture panel
  • Physical buttons of your device, as trackball, “back”  and “search”.
  • Shake the device to Play/Pause
    This controll options improves the user experience respect to offical remote control

It allows to control the volume (stereo only) on WDTV Live throught Android device physical volume controll buttons.

I hope you like the app, any suggestions on this post and good rates on the Android Market are welcome. :wink:


0.3.2 (20-03-2011)
- Fixed issue on Android 1.5 devices.

0.3.1 (16-03-2011)
- Fixed brightness issue on Samsung Galaxy S. (Thanks AlexTee)

0.3.0 (14-03-2011)
- Ad free donate version now available on the Adroid Market (Please support us downloading it).
- New lock mode to use only the hardware buttons.
- New buttons to enter on the keyboard and on lock mode. (Long press)
- New keyboard shortcut on the menu.
- New brightness selection.
- New option to open the gesture panel by default.
- New help menu on the main screen.
- New icon and help menu about the IP address.
- Improved the user interface structure.
- Improved compatibility with big screen resolution. (Tablets)
- Improved the keyboard accuracy. (Still on BETA)
- Improved the compatibility with Android 3.0 Honeycomb.
- Improved the application stability.
- Fixed translation.
- Fixed bug that doesn’t show error screen with bad IP address.
- Fixed bug that doesn’t allow tap on text links.
- Fixed bugs that causes FC’s on low end devices.

0.2.0 (12-23-2010)
- On screen Keyboard (BETA).
- Config. menu.
- Shake control. (Shake to Play/Pause).
- Auto connect.
- Check if the WiFi network is active before connect.
- The screen can be always on.
- App2SD (Only for Android 2.2+).
- WDTV Live Hub aditional functions.
- New buttons for WDTV Live Hub.
- Down bar size increased.
- Application icon quality improved.
- This changelog menu.
- Donate button to help on the application development.
- The connection process can be canceled.
- Fixed Bugs/FC’s.
- Volume control improved (Only WDTV Live).
- Mediaplayer connection improved.
- The connection doesn’t stop on minimize.
- Translation mistakes fixed.
- Improved compatibility with Android 2.3 (Gingerbread).

0.1.0 (11-02-2010)
- Initial release

NOTE: This IS NOT a commercial app, all the earnings from the ads or donate version are used to maintain the help content on the blog and helps on the development of future versions of this app and WDTV Themes / Firmwares, also a percentage goes directly to WDlxTV firmware development.


Lol, first time i ever scanned one of those QR codes or whatever they’re called, still amazed, so cool and simple to use… downloading the update now, i love this app-- i used to bring my wdtv to friends houses all the time and would always forget to grab the remote rendering it useless, but now that i rooted my evo, i can use the free wi-fi tether along with your app and never have to worry about my remote again

:cry:    Now, I want an Android phone…

I have been using your app on my Xperia X10 Mini Pro (Custom 2.2.1 FroYo) and it is AWESOME!!!

Have any idea what “Unknown reason -18” means?

Android version 2.2

Base Version: I9000XXJP2

Kernel Version:

GT-I9000-eng 2.2 MASTER 332 test-keys

Android version 2.2Base Version: I9000XXJP2Kernel Version: 2.2 MASTER 332 test-keys

Thanks!  :wink:


It’s an Android Market issue:

From XDA:

Simply connect your phone to your computer (as USB Mass storage), browse to the folder ‘.android_secure’ (make sure you can view hidden files/folders in windows) and delete the file ‘smdl2tmp1.asec’

I hope this fix the issue.

Thx for the suggestion but otherwise I am able to install apps from the market normally.

And there is no smdl2tmp1.asec in my sec directory. I might try to unmount my sd card and install the app without it (that is the other suggested way how to get around -18 error).

Ok, try to unmount the SD and then install the app. After the installation you can mount again the SD card and then try to move the app to SD if you want to save some space on your internal memory.



  When I try to connect it says the app is not able to telnet. I am not sure how to do this. Any help is appreciated. 


Where is the BlackBerry love? I have a hub and a BB, would love to get this app.

I know the Play book will get android apps too but for now not the BBs. 

NICE…works great on my EVO!

@nmaddy: I suppose you’re using a WDTV Live, you’ll need to install WDlxTV firmware first. If the problem persist with WDlxTV, try to set TELNET service on via web interface.

@drizzt09: Let’s hope the RIM guys give Android app support for BB phones… Anyway, if a BB developer need help developing a similar app he’s free to contact me. :smileyvery-happy:

@JoeBoy: Great, enjoy it!  Don’t forget to rate or leave a comment on the Android Market. :wink: