Android app random play does not randomize and only plays about 10-12 tunes

Using MyCloud Mirror V2 running the new OS5 and the Android app on my tablet or cell phone to stream music. I notice the randomized music playback does not randomize. It simply plays down the list.
Playback also seems to stop after about 12 tunes. I can change to another music directory and play from there with the same results.

Under version 3 of the OS, I could play every tune in the directory for hours.

Am I holding my mouth wrong or is this an issue?

@SI_HAWK have you opened a support case and provided the make, model, OS version and carrier of your phone as well as the media type that you are playing? I would also suggest to include the Mobile App and My Cloud system logs as well.

Thanks for your response. Actually, I have not opened a support case on this. Since these items (randomized playback and a limited number of playback events) seemed to be something that would have been resolved during normal beta testing, my assumption was I had missed a configuration option that another user would easily be able to point out to me. I don’t like to waste primary support personnel’s time if another user can shed light on the issue.

Do you believe I should proceed with opening a support case?