Android app internet access to PR4100 stopped working

Connectivity between our android phones and the pr4100 via the internet has been working fine for sometime now. In the last few weeks, when not on our local network, we’re getting Network error 906. When on the local network it works fine.

There have not been any updates to either the pr4100 nor the android apps in that time that I can find so not sure what has changed. I did check and saw the app had an update, so downloaded and installed. I went through the activation process with the activation code while not connected to my local network and that worked OK, but still getting the network error.

I can access files via internet through the MyCloud web site on the phone or from PC’s, so I know that my PR4100 is connecting to the internet. Any ideas on what the issue might be? Could there be a port forwarding issue that does not affect accessing my PR4100 though the MyCloud web site but would affect the android app???

Western Digital broke it when they fixed the broken login. They broke a few things when they “fixed” that. Their last post about the “disruption” says they fixed the issue, but all these new/worse issues started and the service is completely unsable for some. The system dashboard works and is connected, but the website and app no longer see the devices for a lot of us. Your issue is probably related to whatever they messed up.

They are lacking communication and falsely have the status page showing that everything has been fine since September. A quick look on the forum shows the last issue that they acknowledged was March 9th. Disruption

Thanks juicebox. I’m at least “glad” to know it’s not just me that’s having a problem.

I was actually setting up a new user on our My Cloud PR2100 on Monday March 9. As part of my normal setup process, I log on to the web portal to create a new sub-folder beneath the new userName folder (I call it “top folder” and use that to sync via WD Sync Windows desktop app, because you cannot sync a top level folder).

Anyway, I was having all kinds of issues getting logged in to the web portal. I was getting a login loop as well as getting browser warnings because it would default to http instead of https. I was finally able to get that working late in the night March 9.

My users started reporting issues getting WD Sync to connect starting the next day. Remote/Cloud access is down for my server through all avenues (WD Sync on Windows 10, My Cloud mobile app on iOS, and the web portal). The device dashboard shows Cloud access is enabled, Connected, and “Port forwarding connection established”. PR2100 Firmware is up to date, my Eero system is up to date, and neither were updated in a time frame to have caused the outage. The Plex mobile app can still access media served up by my PR2100, so it definitely has Internet access.

I agree with juicebox that this issue has to be related to the MyCloud Disruption post. It is a shame there have been no responses to that post, as this outage is starting to impact our business.

Give it a try today :slightly_smiling_face:

Seems to of started working for me.

Give the app a try today. Looks like they have fixed it. :partying_face: