Android app does not show thumbnails of jpgs

Hi there,
Is there a way to make the wd my cloud app show thumbnails of photos on my LG G2?
Installed same app on a iphone and this one does show them.

Uploading photos without thumbnails is very challenging as I only have the file name for refference.

Thanks, Anders


What application are you using?

Please note that the WD my cloud app does not show the thumbnails. However, the WD photo app does.

Hi there,

I am using the WD my cloud app which makes it possible to load images to certain folders on my drive.

Further it shows thumbnails of the images on the remote drive. But when I try to upload I see no thumbnails of the photos on my android device.

Tried to use WD photo app but I did not suceed to load to certain folders. Apparently it dumps the images to the default share named Public\Photos.

Thanks, Anders

Sorry about that mate,

Currently,  the WD My Cloud app wont show thumbnails.