Android App default sdcard

When using the Android App and I select “SD Card (All files)”  to upload, it u/l’s from the default Internal memory sdcard0 Instead of my physcially installed Micro SDcard Slot ( extSdCard ) can this please be corrected so that those of us that are using Physcial Micro SDcard card Slot’s are able to u/l from it? 

You could  give us a selection choice, or allow us to type in the path. I have all my files, picture etc all going to my 64Gb micro sdcard and it is a royal pain in the butt now to try and upload them to the WDMyCloud.  The DropApp easily allows this and I was hoping to be able to do this with the WD App too…right now the WD App is disappointing because of this, but it ought be a simple programming fix.



Same request.

By default internal memory is small on Android devices and large on removable SD card.
For me it is a must to be able to choose where the caching take place.

I want to be able to save files to my ext sd card as well