Android App and more than 5 devices?

Ok…so I have downloaded the Android App to my phone and have realized that I have more than 5 WDTV’s in my house. (Yes, I know I need help). 

Here is the thing…I can make all the devices appear on my network…but the app will only see 5 of the devices at a time.  Is there something that I can do in order to increase the app to see all my WDTV’s?

And yes, they are all firmware updated with the latest OEM release.

Yes, they are also one of the latest 2 gen of the Live Versions…ie, they should be able to be controlled by the app.

And yes, they are set to connect to the network and be seen by the network in the devices.

Thanks for any help

This is a good post

not sure how many devices are supported

have you contacted support about this matter?