And now the RMA is broken

This bl*%&y useless MyBook Live!!! Despite all my shipping/billing details being correct, UPS needs to contact WD because the “apartment number is missing”. Well, it isn’t, it’s marked clearly under the section labelled “Shipping Address”. So now my replacement MyBook Live is heading back to Germany having never made it to my front door. Another wasted week and another trip to the shop to buy a temporary external hard drive (certainly NOT a WD…!) so I can send some data via the post for God’s sake. Do I wish I had bought a Synology? Yes. Would I reccomend WD? Certainly not. By the time my support case is eventually looked at (Monday most likely), The replacement part will be in Germany, and before anything is realised, another week will have passed. RAGE!!! 

While I feel for you in this situation, it sounds more to me like UPS dropped the ball on this one so I don’t understand all your anger towards WD, unless they key the shipping info manually which would be on them. The UPS shipping side is usually automated and pulls the shipping address info right from your RMA. Wait and see if support catches this thread today and they should take care of you.

you should wait… maybe you will get a surprise… calm down

I’ll have this escalated.

No surprises. The UPS tracking is pretty handy though, it’s now had it’s departure scan at Barking. Perhaps I shouldn’t be too angry at WD but there seems to be a catalogue of errors here :frowning:

Thanks for reporting the issue here in the foruns
People like Bill_S can make the things move around here.

Report here when everything is solved plz :slight_smile:

Sorry for my rant. I’ve been battling with a seemingly broken device (endless power cycles) and was extremely frustrated at the time involved with the RMA. It should be noted that the subsequent WD response has been great and I should be looking at a replacement unit arriving Tuesday/Wednesday. So thanks WD! In the meantime despite my ranting and raving, I bought a Synology NAS and threw 2 WD Red 3gb drives in it and it’s performing just great :wink: