And I thought it was only me

I am sorry I purchased 4 x 2tb My Book Essential’s

The first stopped working after a couple of months, **bleep** smith told be to access the WD Site and send it off for repair.

As we all know, they refurbish their drives and they are **bleep**.
So I pulled it apart, Controller fault, Purchased an external caddy and I now have 2tb, all data lost

after 12 months another failure, did not bother with DSE, broke open the My Book, Controller OK but dead disk

2 out of 4 in 12 months.

I would buy WD again if there was a repairer in AUS as it’s expensive to keep shipping the same rubbish back and forward to repair.

and if support bother to read this and decide to email me with a better option, please put it here. so all the rest of us mug’s can use it.

I bet the responce will be …

This is an users forum, for this request you may contact WD directly.