Analog Stereo sound is broken in WD-TV-LIVE

Oh well, i never realised it was AV out, i thought it was only audio out. Im using it with normal 3.5 stereo out and that’s the problem. I don’t even need to test it now. I don’t know why but somehow i though there were only hdmi out as far as video goes in this box :smiley:

Ooo!  Good call, Casper!   Wasn’t even thinking along those lines.   :slight_smile:

Buddy:   Are you now saying that you plugged in the correct cable and all is well now?

I did’nt do it yet, since it **bleep**s up all my other cables, but i bet it will fix it. Now i wish this box infact did have 3.5 audio out instead of the AVout.   

yeah it works now

I am glad it is sorted - and of course I woudn’t know if it didn’t happen to me as well. Thankfully it took me a couple of minutes to realize what was wrong… Of course since we are in HDMI age, we forget that there are still plenty of CRT tellies out there. Just one more remark - if you wanted to use just audio out, you are not missing on anything with AV out. For a serious sound you need to use optical out to a receiver or d/a converter (I use it this way with my hifi0. Otherwise you are just fine with the enclosed cable and AV out.

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Thanks Casper, that solved the problem in my system.

I was using Monster-Cable RCA connector and never realized it was not the right type.

I’m now running with latest FW (1.3.38) and all seems fine

thanks again