Analog audio quality

I bought a WD TV Live but returned it because of poor audio quality. Everything sounded muffled, like there was a pillow in front of the speakers. I was using the analog audio outputs (red & white RCAs). Has anybody else had this problem? Or did I just get a bad unit (made on a monday) ?

Yes, my amp/speakers/cables and mp3 rips are fine. I used the exact same setup as my other MP3 device (Archos 404). My Archos sounds WAY better.

I bought another one but same thing. My initial post may have been a bit exaggerated. I was just disappointed with the analog audio compared to my Archos 404 and Sansa e240. There’s also no EQ on the WD TV Live to try and compensate. I admit I am biased and so this is rather subjective.

You are probably playing the other units with the EQ that you like and because of that the WDTV sounds a bit flat. You have to adjust the sound on the amp. No problems with the sound on mine but as you say its subjective.

Hi !

There is a bias in your comparaison as stated by the poster above.  You are using EQ to enhance the sound on your other boxes.

The output of the WD Live is FLAT.   there is no modification to the sound.

I have absolutely no issues at all with audio it is amazing !  However, depending on the type of audio, especially multichannel, it is better to use optical out and listen through multi channel speakers.

Sure the WD Live could use some EQ and advanced sound settings, but I have made some tests with different files and have no complaints whatsoever regarding sound.

I’ve done some testing playing a ripped movie through the WD Live and that of my good old Sony DVD Player, with flat settings, (using RCA out) and the sound is virtually identical, it is far from being muffled, the highs and lows are there.

I’d say even that the quality was slightly better out of the WDLive :)  (more rich) in some cases.

I reset the EQ on my Archos to flat before I did any tests.