An USB-Back-up was interrupted and now cannot clear the job previuosly created


I was doing an external one-click USB-Backup (the system automatically created a job named USB_Port1). All of a sudden there was an internet disconection, and the job was suspended. Because the back-up job will not pick up from where it was at the moment of disconnection, I have been trying to start the job all over again. Problem is that the previous job got “frozen” and it will not allow me to resume it nor to clear it and start all over again. The job by defaukt named USB_Port1 is there on the screen and icons to delete or modify it are  grey and not functional.

The NAS will not read any other USB disk but the same I was trying to backup, and although it allows me to creat a new job with this SAME USB, it will not clear the previuos job, nor allow me to use ANOTHER USB disk…

Any hints to solve this problem? I would appreciate your help.

Hi there,

Try to do a factory restore to the unit, Here is a link that might help you with this procedure: