An unique and weird request


I need some help in establishing a seamless connectivity with Hard disk content in my house. Here is the situation

Devices I have…

  • 1 Desktop PC with Windows 7

  • 1 Laptop with Win 7

  • 1 Samsung Tab - with ICS

  • 1 Windows Phone - Lumia 8

  • 1 LG Smart TV

  • 1 Android PC (small dongle)

Internet I have

  • 3G Wireless internet with 18GB limit/month, connected via USB wireless dongle

Content I have

  • Movies

  • Pictures

  • Home videos

  • Office data

  • Personal Data

Problem that I have…

  • Since I’m producing so much of content from various sources (mobile, tablet, Camera, PC etc.), I need to be able to dump all my data in one single location and access it on any device and from anywhere. Need for this work on my LG Smart TV as well!


  1. While at home: Can I get external hard drive to act as a network drive from which I can access the files into other devices either wireless or wired…BUT without consuming the internet. Need to able to stream it to TV especially

  2. While away from home: Can I get to access all the data from the web via an app

Sorry for the lengthy write-up… request for your help and suggest a solution…perhaps a single device!!?

Thanks & Cheers



Will be great if someone help me out with a solution


For the “home” usage, I have more or less the same needs, and my 3 TB MyBookLive is fine for me.

I use it to store:

  • my laptop backup

  • music

  • videos recorded with my DVB-T recorder and other sources

Then I access my videos from a media player (100 mbits/s wired, using DLNA) and another one (100 mbits/s, using Samba share). I also access videos from my iPad 2 (WiFi G).

Now, I don’t know if LG smart TVs are very compatible the way media player are.

For outside access, I can’t help since I do not use it (but I know WD has apps for that)


Thanks much for your response.

“Then I access my videos from a media player (100 mbits/s wired, using DLNA) and another one (100 mbits/s, using Samba share). I also access videos from my iPad 2 (WiFi G).”

Can you please clarify on this point…

a) Is MyBookLive wifi ready and DLNA ready?

b) Accessing the videos on iPad through wifi, how is this connected exactly from MyBook? Does it eat into the nternet usage limit?

Thanks again for your help.




My MyBookLive and 2 mediaplayers are connected wired to the router (100 mbits ports).

So when I watch a video stored on the MBL on one of this media players, it is just streamed on the LAN through the router (of course, that won’t eat your internet access).

The same when I stream a video on my iPad at home (the only difference is that iPad is connected to the router using WiFi).

The MyBookLive embeds a DLNA server. That means a DLNA client device (Smart TV, media player, …) can access multimedia content stored on the MBL using DLNA access (but media files compatibilty will differ from a client to another one)
One of my 2 mediaplayers does not have the DLNA client feature. On this mediaplayer, I access videos directly through a samba/cifs share (MBL embeds a samba server of course).

Now, if you plan to access media content store on your MBL from the outside, that will of course be much slower (check if your upload bitrate is sufficient to stream high bitrates media) and eat your internet usage limit :wink:


EDIT: no wifi on the MBL, just a gigabit ethernet port.