An overhaul of MyCloud family's firmware

I saw the announcement on WD’s site earlier this morning but had very little useful info to go on…the news of a big change in the My Cloud family’s firmware. But short while ago came across more in-depth news on smallnetbuilder site that I frequent daily. I am very keen on learning about WD’s implementation of the Docker containerization, because I myself had been playing with it (and using it) for the past few months and now my other NAS, a QNAP one is also including Docker’s lightweight virtualization in their new firmware that’ll be released this month (or next).

Anyway, the details are still light, but a little bit more info than on WD’s site…and looks like it will surely please many people who have been requesting some of these features about sharing photos, files, etc. on their WD My Cloud Mirror/EX2/EX4/EX2100/EX4100 with others.

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Considering we have been waiting almost a year for any meaningful firmware upgrade (which is in itself pathetic), all we have is hope that someday WD will pay attention to the complaints and feature requests for their current firmware.

Since I only live a couple of houses down from Tom Pardun, WD’s Chairman, many times I’ve thought I should print out a few of these threads, like the “Fan Thread”, and ask him what the heck is going on with WD’s NAS division, but I never get around to it.

Nice catch!  I too frequent the smallnetbulder site so I am just a little disappointed that you beat me to this.  LOL

Since this is a major upgrade I’ll have to be patient and see what bugs emerge before installing on mine.

it’s going to be a great update! :wink:

btw, it is funny how they talk about Cloud OS 3.0…

my EX4100 is still on 1.06.133, while my EX2 is (supposed to be) on 1.05.36…

where is Cloud OS 2.0?!?!

hmm, Windows set a bad example skipping Win 9… LOL