An odd thing happened with attempting 3.08 upgrade to downgrade 3.07

So I purchased a new Hub with firmware 2.? and downloaded the 3.07.14 firmware because I read the newest is not a good choice at this time.  Well following the directions I never saw the FIRMWARE menu pop up when I inserted the USB with the newer firmware on the root.  So I thought, well i will just get the 3.08.xx and then downgrade it to 3.07.14 hoping the 3.08 would show the FIRMWARE tab when attempting the USB downgrade.  I started the download of 3.08 but forgot to pull the USB out with 3.07 and feared doing so in the middle of the upgrade might cause havoc.  Heres the odd part, when it was done downloading 3.08 and installing, it read the USB and the FW version is now 3.07 without any prompting or input on my part.  After it rebooted, it was 3.07 and not 3.08.  Kinda weird, but maybe thats normal? I have owned the unit for 2 days so I still have a lot to learn.

Hi, you probably installed the 3.07 version without releasing it, as soon as you enter the USB memory the firmware update tab should appear, in any case you can always roll back to any firmware you want. Check the link below for the steps.