An Idea ive been working on

Only Gallery View in this example… I am currently working on the other views. (But the “Info View” option works for all Video Views).

YouTube Video:

Moviesheet is only the Movie Poster and the Fanart (No Info contained in the sheet… ) more like a ‘Cover/Fanart Sheet.’
All “info” is Metadata grabbed by the LIve Hub from the MovieDB.
Simple file structure… All files are in a single folder… Navigate and press OK to play.

Alternately, once on the selected Movie… Press OPTION button select ‘View Info’ for more detailed info.
A “Sheet” like view… Is created from the Coverart/Fanart and Metadata …Automatically.

Cover/Fanart Sheet is half  720p resolution (640x360) and is PNG … There is quality loss, but still looks OK.

A ‘Work In Progress’


Incredible again Joey! Do you have an ETA for a beta for this?

Wow, you are the James Brown of the Hub ( James Brown – Hardest working man in showbuisness) .  Great work as always. 

so is this a moviesheet-less theme… just using xml data?

hi joey, once again your theme design aesthetics are looking pretty f**kin  good!


Ive done a version which is reversed (thumbs at the bottom) takes a few minutes to alter the xml… it’s still early stages.

For others… As described above, this is a Moviesheet theme … but the sheet only contains ‘Pictures’

Movie info is “Metadata”