An error has occured while installing WD Booster

Well, like the topic says An error has occured while installing WD Booster, my WD 4TB Blue SSHD seems not know by the Driver.

Bios + System the hard drive is there, even with some different tools like CrystalldiskInfo.
Its on my Mainboard conntected to the 6GB S-ATA III connector, and seems so far to work.

But WHY does the WD Booster dont find my Harddrive ?

Using Windows 10 + AHCI Mode + S-ATA IIII + Intel Rapid Storage driver installed etc… is that WD Booster only for Raid devices ?
Or is the 6GB S-ATA wrong ? Or why does windows 10 or better the driver dont find my WD Harddrive ?

Regards Pierre Pachl


See if the following link helps.

Dear Mr Pachl,

Thank you for contacting Western Digital Customer Support my name is [Deleted] and I will be handling your case.

I am sorry to hear of the difficulties you are facing with the WD Booster. But I will do my best to help you resolve this issue.

Eventhough the WD Booster shows up under downloads for this product it is only usuable with the WD Black SSHD.

I will make a note regarding this to the web team to be fixed, as it is rather misleading.

I hope this information is sufficient, please reply if you require further assistance.



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PS… ITS NOT SUPPORTED ! They have to fix the downloads! for that Blue Device!