An absolutely useless device

My Book Live is very slow. Copy and delete operations take ages. In the middle of the backup this lousy device pauses the operation and turns the light into different colours (blue and orange). Whenever I manage to copy some data on it, it becomes unavailable for a day or two (indexing the files or something like that). I have problems with connecting remotely to this device via mac. Every single time I use this device something goes wrong and I quickly change to something else like external USB drive. It disappoints EVERY time.

What is the model of your router, and is your computer hard-wired into it alongside your unit? There are many different factors that can affect networking speed.

“one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”

I do not have any issues from 2x Mac machines, 2x Win laptops, 2x cell phones and 2x tablets. All devices backup to it, play files from it, access it remotely. It also acts as torrent client.

But one big misunderstanding and very common, people want to use it as a USB drive. NAS devices are totally different.

If you need help, provide how things are connected, how are you coping the files, using wifi/LAN?

If you just wanted to share your feelings, no need to provide additional info.


Yes they are both hard-wired into the router. 3 other machines use the same router without any problem. The only device that has problem with the network is My Book Live.

About a year ago I posted about another issue with My Book Live. Someone posted more or less the same story below my post mentioning he/she had several different devices attached to My Book Live and they’re working perfectly. What a coincidence?!
I just wanted to give people a heads-up so that they don’t buy this as you put it “trash”.
I will be happy though if someone from WD here gives me the refund and take the device back.

Funny, about a year ago someone posted how much they loved the MBL. What a coincidence?!