American Gangster DVD playback

Hi, my name is Gerrard I am having an issue where if you try to play back American Gangster it will garbled pause and skip at certain scenes, this is due to the fact the DVD has an option of playing the original or the extended version where they added extra scenes and because of this the WD Live tries to play the original but it seems to confuse itself with the extra scenes and it screws it up. Is there any way this can be fixed? Perhaps an option to let you select video streams or the DVD menu thing people have talked about?

This is because - as has been mentioned countless times - the Live does not support DVD menus and since IFOs are ignored it also cannot follow any seamless branching authoring.

Figured as much, Just wanted to see if there was a fix or some setting I wasn’t seeing. Thanks for your reply~

if you own it, which i’ll assume you do.  rip the directors cut to your pc or flash drive or whatever you are playing it with on the WDTV in ISO format.  when it plays back it should play it fine.  should work that way.