Ambilight kit


I own 1st gen WD TV Live.
I guess most of you heard for Ambilight feature from Philips TV’s
I was looking for alternatives and most of them are for a PC. I wanted a standalone solution.
So, I found out that you can buy RCA version in Russia (mass production), DVI version can be made custom (around 200$)
I don’t know if DVI standalone kit will be able to read data coming from hdmi/dvi adapter (secure data)…
Now there could be 3 different cases

1st case (DVI with splitter):

2nd (rca with splitter):

3rd (direct video through device itself | DVI in/out):

Can anyone tell me if any of these might work?
I also want to know if there would be any quality loss (Not a problem for ambilight kit, just tv screen)
How reliable are splitters and adapters?

Don’t laugh if this is ridiculous, I’m no technical expert…
I don’t need sound through HDMI, I’m using optical.
And yes, I would be that stupid to buy all of that just for the ambient light 

Hi, I only have a basic idea on how Ambilight works, I know it will change the light color depending on what colors are predominant on the screen. But why would you need a splitter? I thought you only needed to connect the media player to the TV and the TV did the rest. 

I guess you didn’t read my message. I do not own Philips TV.
That’s why I wanted this standalone solution for my own tv.