Amber link light

Hi everyone, I have a MBL, Ethernet linked to a Apple Airport Extreme Base Station. I am useing a MacBook Pro, a Windows 7 laptop, a desktop PC, iPad , couple of iphone’s (using the WD2go app), oh and a Sonos wireless music system. All are on the same network and function as they should with a fast (16mb) intrnet connection. Now the problem… The MBL is slow to upload files, appears a common problem. I have a ‘amber’ link light on the rear. I understand this indicates a low speed connection rate rather than the gigabyte I should surely be getting with my set up. Why should this be? Is there a setting somewhere that needs changing? A ‘naff’ cable connection? Faulty hardware? I am not an IT expert, and need any explanation to be simple! Thanks

the first thing I would check is the network cable, youre using ther one that came with the MBL?

Someone else with the same combination also reporting the same thing.

Looks like the MBL and APE don’t get along in some cases.

I have a Airport Exterme (latest model) on my desk and have no issues with the Link lights on the Airport or the MBL. Both are green. What version/model is your APE? Have you tried another port on the router/another cable? If you connect the My Book Live directly to your Mac, what color is the link light?

For a gigabit connection all 8 wires are utilised.  Are the plugs of both ends of your cable wired up as shown?


If memory serves right, if what you have is a cross-over cable then the oeange and green wires are swapped.  Blue and brown stay where they are.

Id there is a problem with the blue or brown wires making a connection then you’ll only get a 100 Mbps connection.