Amber led lit constantly and there is no access to the disk

I don’t know how to access to my cloud.
There is no connection using the explorer or any of the supporting software.
The led on the device stay in amber led for few hours and does not change.

Can you access the My Cloud Dashboard using the My Cloud’s IP address? You can find the IP address for the My Cloud in your router’s administrator section.

You can see the User Manual for the meaning of the LED colors. Red usually means a problem with the hard drive.

OP said Amber (which is an Orange/Yellow color) not Red

Blinking Amber means no Network Connection, Solid Amber means it’s Booting

If it’s stuck Booting (Solid Amber) … could be a firmware problem (or needs a complete power off and re-reboot) and is not necessarily a hard drive failure

Another example of where the User Manual is missing information. Didn’t know about the “amber” color as it’s not mentioned in the first gen v4.x My Cloud User Manual.

In fact the word “amber” is not mentioned anywhere in the User Manual for the first gen v4.x My Cloud.

True … but the fact is, the Amber LED does exist.

Here’s a video of mine when disconnecting the ethernet cable and blinks Amber.

Hi, I have exactly the same problem. I have gen 1 -00 and the drive is stuck in solid amber. For me the drive has been slow (for many months) and at time unresponsive in solid blue. I removed power and now I’m stocked in solid amber. I can not access via IP address of any of the usual access apps.

Recently I re-installed the latest firmware and for a short while it was fast but then the unresponsive blue and know amber.