Amber flashing light

I have a WD netcentre (500Gb) I think.

when I plug in there is a faint high pitched noise. On pressing the front button it boots up and I get a flashing amber light.

I can see the system summary via netmanager, but states no volumes defined, i.e all my directories are not there.

I guess the disc has gone belly up.

Any one any ideas ? or is this a data recovery job



Hi, do you have a USB or Ethernet hard drive? 

it does have a USB port, and is normall connected trhough ethernet back to wifi router 

why ?

an update 

company looked at disc and said that the electronics around the disc had gone belly up, but they could see the data on the disc by other means. cost £175 to recover data.

I stripped the disc out of the enclosure and hooked up to old PC as a slave (jumped pins 3&4). Windows does not see the directory structure, but shows up under device manage as correct WD disc.

Duel booted into linux and similar story - disk utility see the disc and would allow me to make a new volume or partition, but again cannot see the directory structure. 

I am guessing then that the disc is ok, but somehow the data on it is corrupted in some way.

Also tried in a more new PC in case 320Gb 2nd drive was not supported - same outcome 

Question is what to try next ??

any help much appreciated (must say I dont care much for this blue background when typing) 


Ran WinDLG from WD on my more new computer (DELL) - and DELL diagnostics say disc OK

Both the Quick & Extended (winDLG) give a pass ! and health status of GOOD, but no info on Volumes or capacity of the drive in question. C drive shows up ok 

Puzzled ???