Amazon Streaming (especially Amazon Prime) for WDTV Hub -- soon?

After tossing my roku in the bin due to frustration that it had absolutely no dependable local playback support, i went with the Hub.  But one critical thing is missing – i do not have any capabilities of watching Amazon streaming movies, which for Prime members, a good assortment are free.  If such a poorly designed box like the Roku can supply this feature, it isnt too far-fetched to ask for it to be added to the Hub, is it?

Or perhaps im missing out on how to add the service?  I’d love to know.  If its just plain missing, WDTV Gods, please let me watch my prime membership movies on the wdtv hub :frowning:



As I understand things, we should be asking Amazon about this first. This has been discussed once or twice before in this forum.