Amazon S3 Backup Doesn't Work on new WD MyCloud EX2

Hi there,

I’m having a problem with backing up to S3 on the EX2. I’m familiar with AWS and use it for work.

I created a new bucket to hold the backup, created a new identity on IAM, and granted all S3 and SQS privileges to that new identity. Then I set up the backup using the easy form on the EX2, using the access credentials for that identity.

Whenever I click the “play” button to try to start the backup, I see a progress bar for about 5 seconds and then I get a messages that simply says “Error” but provides no details.

To WD Tech Support:

Can you suggest something I can do to diagnose and fix the situation?

To WD user interface designers:

Could you please include more helpful error messages in a useful version?

Thanks for your help!


Thanks Cybernut1 but there don’t seem to be any solutions in that thread – only more people with problems.

S3 backup has never worked for me (unlike that other thread) so I created a new one thinking this might be a different issue.

It’s fine that you created another thread but thought it might be a good idea to bring the other thread to your attention, in case you missed that…and in case it helped to exchange ideas with those in the other thread.