Amazon Prime now on Xbox 360 - Still not on WDTV

Western Digital…  WHY?

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Can’t give you an answer but it does seem like something that the HUB should have. For me I get it on my Sony BluRay player, over DLNA to the HUB from my Playon Server and through my Roku XD. One would think that if I can get it on all of those devices that WD would be able to negotiate a deal with Amazon as well. The HUB can’t be all things to all people, and for what it does have, it’s a pretty great product.


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from what I understand WD makes some of the apps and some are made by their respective company.

from that I do know Amazon makes it’s own app, even for 360 & PS3.

so if its really wanted we need to tell Amazon to support the WDTV Live SMP & HUB.

if anyone is interested, this is the case for Xfinity and HBOGo too. I would love all 3 if we could get em.

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