Amazingly low upload speed from devices in same LAN


I have recently brought this product from the United States. Im trying to use it as it is advised by WD , but it seems impossible, since every time I try to upload files into it, I get:

  • Incredibly slow pre-2000year upload speed (see picture, 25 minutes for 200mb).
  • Huge lags when try to navigate the unit using finder.

No matter if I place my brand new macbook computer just next to the internet router, and every device is connected to same LAN. The speed I get makes the device absolutely useless. It cannot work like this… There must be something wrong.

There must be a way out of this, please WD team. I will be waiting for your help.


What version of WD Discovery do you have installed on the macOS? Is it v3.2 or lower?


Hi SBrown!
THANKS for you quick answer. How I can check WD Discovery’s version?


Gear Icon -> Resourses and More


It’s Discovery 3.2.256
and Cloud Desktop
is it ok?


Hello! Anybody there??


I had the same problem a few days ago. Prior to this, there was a stable speed throughout the year (about 75 megabytes per second). I noticed that the speed dropped after updating WD Discovery to version 3.2.256.


Interesting… I had the same problem with the latest wd discovery on local connection.

BTW 75mb/s is still a limited speed. Drive can do 112mb/s. Private or public folder. There are so many problems with the software…