Amateur Photographer with Very Basic Questions


I recently purchased a G-RAID Removable Thunderbolt 2 8TB drive with the intention of completely moving across the photos on my i-Mac hard drive, while still being able to edit them from LR on my i-Mac. I had problems straight away when I attempted to change from Raid 0 to Raid 1, and had to get our local computer man to re-initialise it for me. It’s now set up to Raid 1, but just backing up to Time Machine, which is lovely, but not what I want. I’ve read that to move photos from LR to an EHD you click ‘Folder +’ in the LR menu, then New Folder on the EHD, but despite disconnecting the G-RAID from Time Machine the New Folder button is grayed out. I’m guessing I’ll have to delete the Time Machine backups, which is fine, but how? Will deleting them in Time Machine/Find be enough? Or will I have to go through Disk Utility and ‘Erase’? The latter I find a bit scary, given my original problems. Even when everything’s deleted, will I be able to use the G-RAID in Raid 1 as I want to, ie to store my photos, but be able to access them on my i-Mac to edit in LR. Very sorry if this is terribly basic, but I do hope someone can help. Many thanks


Time Machine and the process you are trying to use the drive for have no bearings on each other.

All you will have to do move your LR library to the external drive. The process for which we cannot assist with as it is a 3rd party application. But as long as the drive is mounted on the system you should have no issue with transferring the library over.