Am I missing some software for my My Book Premium


I’ve been using my My Book Premium for a year now. I partitioned it into 3 sections, one for Fat 32, one for Mac OS 2.8 files, and the final partition is being used for my Time Machine back-up. It’s all working fine, but once I’ve dragged the image icons from the desktop to the trash bin to ‘disconnect’ the drive, I can only get them back again by unplugging the Firewire cable and plugging it back in again.

How can I get the HD image icons to mount on the desktop without having to physically unplug/re-plug the cable?

I’m assuming I’ve missed some software somewhere as the drive also doesn’t show the amount of disk usage.

Should I have installed some WD software on the Mac laptop? And if so, which software do I need? I have My Book Premium 500gb.



No, you are not missing any software nor you do not need to install any WD software to make the HD image to stay on on your desktop. 

Since you dismount the any external drive, the easiest way to bring the HD image back is to physical unplug and plug it back.