ALWAYS Fr33zing While Searching My External HDD & More

Just freezes constantly freezes when streaming media from my PC

Freezes when searching through the USB connected external HDD

freezes on any .mp4 that was cinevia protected against sony Media devices 

& freezes to the point on any HD media I use… Anything NOT HD runs GREAT streaming or direct connect…

I have even reset my WD TV Live to only run at 720p cause well my TV is not big enough to realize 1080p or 1080i anyways being it is only 43" plasma but I JUST bought it & plugged it in cause I bought one for my babymom to entertain my kid… I the recent firmware update allowed more .mp4 movies… But… Even she is complaining about the freezing all the time now… I got this so I would not have to deal with cinevia protection or wear down my  PS3 for media streaming… Seriously regretting spending the money or bragging about it to many of my friends to get one of their own

Hi, have you tried playing HD files in another format to see if the same problem happens? Also be sure to install the latest  firmware version. Check the link below for the steps.