Always available offline

I just upgraded to the EX2 from a seagate Nas.  I use the windows 7 x64  feature “always available offline” on network shares frequently…  I cannot get the EX2 shares to  use this windows feature.  Does anyone know of a work around?  Thanks in advance for your help.

I wanted to post a work around for this in case anyone else runs into this problem. 

After researching I have determined that the EX2 must be incompatible with this windows feature. 

The fix was to use a third party program to sync files.  Good Sync is an example of a sync program that looks like it will do everything that Windows offline files does with more flexibility than Windows.

Of course. This Windows feature works with other Windows computers…My Cloud EX2 is not a Windows computer.

Is this for real? Previous WD devices have supported this… how in the world are we expected to use our WD CLOUD devices as central network repositories for files and such without the ability to use Windows Sync?  Is this device not intended to provide any kind of syncable services other than backup?