Alternatives to WD Smartware for password protection?

Hi, looking for software that will password protect USB external drives, including WD ones.

I’ve read about issues with WD Smartware, I’d prefer something from a 3rd party that works with all drives when they are unplugged and reconnected to the same computer or a different one.

Please let me know if you have a recommendation…

Any password protection softwareshould work with the drive, however, Western Digital always recommend Smartware over third party software.

Thanks, I had googled for solutions. Does WD Smartware only work on WD hard drives? Or can it work with other manufacturers of external drives?

WD’s password-equipped drives do the encryption at the hardware level.

The data stored on the drive is encrypted whether you set a password or not.  If you take the drive out of the enclosure and attach it as a normal SATA drive, the data still can’t be read.   Smartware and the Unlocker application are used to lock/unlock the encrypted drive (as well as Smartware being a (limited) backup program).

So no, you can’t use Smartware to protect other drives.