Alternatives please?

I’ve just about given up the ghost with my WD TV Live box. I can honestly say it’s the worst gadget I’ve ever bought. It can take up to 30 minutes or more to get the audio to stablize - after continually switching it on and off and/or rebooting the computer.

Rant over - can anyone recommend a good alternative ??

Probably not on this forum…

The Sigma chip used in the WDTV Live is manufactured by Sigma not WD and used by many other manufacturers in other competing video streaming products. There are no reports on any of the forums of product recalls with video streaming products using the Sigma chip.

Most of the complaints about the WDTV Live have been attributed to user setup not product failure. Instead of complaining about the product, why not post details about your setup. If the WDTV Live is diagnosed faulty, return it for a warranty repair or exchange.

You’ll never see recalls for ANY media player, unless they’re burning people’s houses down…  :smileyvery-happy: