Alternative to WDTV Live

I was using WDTV live in the past but since WD is not selling the unit anymore, I am considering switching to a new system.
What system do you suggest to interact the best with WD My cloud?
for info, I recently crashed a Minix NeoU1 and I was not a big fan of the minix…
many thanks in advance

I’ve become very partial to Kodi. It’s available in MANY forms for many types of hardware.

For example, you can use a Raspberry Pi (which you can buy with all the trimmings for less than $80) and use LibreELEC on it or any number of other Kodi builds.

thanks Tony. With Kodi, I encountered the issue of video stuttering and then the issue of video/audio not in sync while wdtv never had this issue. to be faire, i was using xbmc for minix and not kodi.

Likewise I use Kodi (via LibreElec) on a Pi 3 pulling media from a MyCloud Mirror and it works fine. I hear similar good things about it on the Odroid C2 boards too.

But I am a little biased as I’m also a member of Team Kodi…

I use Kodi on Fire TV sticks. The sticks are wireless devices, with both connected to my good 5G signal. For the most part, the audio/video are in sync, although some MKV files made from BDs exhibit a little sync lag, although ISOs and MKVs from DVD files seem to in sync. All types of these files are in sync when played from my wired WDTV. Perhaps Kodi works best from a wired player. But, it works good enough from the Fire TVs which are not my main players like WDTV is.

Longtime XBMC/Kodi user myself (since Xbox Orginal EvoX days)

Using Raspberry Pi 3 with LibreELEC … Zero, Stuttering or Sync Issues

Also bought a cheap Android Amlogic S905X Android Box for 4K / H.265 … Zero issues after installing LibreELEC/Kodi and no Stuttering or Sync Issues.

Hi Joey, I am sure a wired box is better to run Kodi on, and I know you are quite versed in all this. So, tell us, what is the most affordable box that is wired to network and can do the job of running Kodi flawlessly on a proper home network? Does’t need to be 4K/H.265 box.

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any android box will be fine…

not china android boxes though … especially Rockchip Boxes

Have a couple … basic things like Audio Pass-through and Auto Frame Rate Switching (Auto Refresh Rate) just DON’T work on these boxes unless you resort to Kodi Forks (SPMC) or Custom Firmware (went through 3 Different custom firmwares for 1 box until the Audio and Frame Rate thing was sorted) … box was BeeLink i86 which is now running Zidoo CFW.

The Amlogic S905X box i bought … Kodi Audio Pass-through worked but not Auto Frame Rate Switching.

Installed LibreELEC for S905X … Auto Frame Rate now works fine. (plus everthing else)

Raspberry Pi 2 and 3 … Zero Issues. Everything with Kodi worked Perfect ‘out of the box’

Stick with any of these would be my advice …