Alternative to WD Nomad Rugged Case


I have just bought the WD My Passport 2TB drive and a Nomad Rugged Case but the drive does not fit - it’s too thick. Can anyone recommend an alternative case for this drive? Preferably a hard case, but it doesn’t have to be…


check this thread

Yeah I’ve read that already, but the extra pads mine came with are the same size as the default ones… Any suggestions?

I’ve got a support ticket open with Western Digital regarding this… Hopefully I’ll get a definitive answer soon as to whether the new 2TB My Passport can somehow fit inside the Nomad case.

In the meantime there are many alternative hard cases available on eBay etc.

I haven’t found one yet that is exactly like the Nomad… most have zipper closures, but there are some decent hard cases that will fit this hard drive.

When in doubt ask the vendor if their case will fit this particular hard drive.

Thanks for the info, rcmedia - can you let me know how the support ticket ends up? Have you seen any on eBay etc that are particularly good?

Yes I’ll definitely post back here when I find out from WD.

FYI - In the meantime here is an example of an alternative hard shell, waterproof drive case from eBay that will fit the new 2TB My Passport (*I asked this vendor and he replied that it did… plus the measurements make sense etc.) -->

5 Color WD MY PASSPORT Elite MAC 320G 500G 750G 1TB 2TB Portable Hard Drive Case