Alternative Mobile apps for Photos and Videos

Hi All,

can you suggest you any better  mobile app (iOS and Android) for watching the Photos and Videos content in a much more organised form like how  any Media organizing app does … lIke iPhoto… Or galleryapp etc.

Hi karthik227, are you referring to an alternative to the WD Photos and WD My Cloud app? Have you already tried those two? 

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I have tried the two native aps by WD, i.e WD My Cloud and WD Photos.

I find there is a lt of Gap of some of my common requirements and so i would be interested if there is any Third prty app.

Like, Say , An app like Plex or a Media centric app where-in i can see Photos and Videos properly organised.

I would have been realy convinced if WD Photos could have been even used for Videos but unfortunately, Its not wokring for Videos.

Any other app?? Please suggest some third party  app which works good .