Alternative Backup Software to WD SmartWare

It seems like one of the most important questions for optimizing My Book Live Duo and getting around numerous challenges with the sofrware is, potentially, in using different backup sofrtware other than the WD Smartware.   

It would be great if this fourm’s community members could indicate what backup software they use with MBLD and the advantage and disadvantages with it.   I and other members in this Forum would greatly appreciate it.  

A simple recommendation would be to use Windows backup. It works fine and it’s free.

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Thank you for your response regarding Windows backup.   Would you recommend using this instead of WD Smartware?  If so, could you say why?   ( I personally am looking for something that is a lot more functional than WD Smartware.  I also find the utility that goes with MBLD a little buggy).

Also, if there is anyone else that knows of any software that they would recommend to REPLACE WD Smartware for use with My Book Live Duo, I am sure it would be appreciated by many members of this Forum.  Personally, I don’t care if it costs more – I just want to be sure that my invaluable data is being backed up efficently and effectively.

I use Acronis 12. I only use it for full partition recoveries (if that’s the right term) Here’s what I do.

I do a clean install of i.e. Window 7. Get all the updates. Install and configure all my very key programs. Do the tweaks for my SSD, etc. Do my personilaztion stuff etc until I have eveything the way I like it to be running after a recovery. Then I boot into Acronis Recovery CD to create an image file (.tib). 6 months later when I’ve test driven 100 other programs that now have my registry or worse all gunked up, I do a clean install of that image and I’m back to a fresh new clean system.

The reason I use Acronis is becuase it’s pretty fast (~7minute to image or resotre my PC@ ~40GB) and it’s pretty user friendly. I like easy & Acronis is pretty easy. 

Hope that helps.