Alternating 2 hard drives

I have two 1 TB My Book Essentials.  I want one on my computer at all times and the other off site incase of fire, theft, etc.   Would appreciate any suggestions as to how to alternate the external hard drives.  Thanks

Hi there, I don’t fully understand what you are trying to do…

I mean, do you want both of them to have the same data, just in case? If so, then you’ll only need to connect both of them to your PC and then copy the files to the drives or use a Sync software (Like SycToy or GoodSync) to manage the exact copies.

They would both have the same data, but one would be about 3 months behind the other.   Is it alright to rotate them every 2-3 months.  Should the old data be erased before adding new data?  Thanks

That is up to you and how you are adding the data. A backup software will only add what is new, ignoring the old files (Unless specified otherwise) while a sync software will erase the old files to only add what is new…

Arnie were you able to get 2 alternating hard drives working using WD SmartWare.  I want to do the same thing but with two My Book Lives.  I would like to alternate one of  them out of the house each month.