Alternate server os

Have any of you replaced the Windows server software on the DX4000 with Linux, (or tried to and failed?)

No and why :neutral_face:

I have no clue on Linux, but how good are you at doing this on a Headless Box?

It’s a matter of personal preference. I am considering a box to use as a music server, and Linux is the platform I want to do that on. It’s what I use for my home machines.

The question was really addressed to people who can answer “yes.” I expect most people would say “no.”

I understand the usefulness of Linux. We designed the Sentinel to be used in conjunction with the Windows Storage Server OS. Since we don’t “officially” support the Linux OS, we can’t say if you could actually replace the built in OS with Linux as this was never tested. If you are looking for Linux box for your media streaming. Might I suggest the Sharespace unit? It is already running a Linux based OS, has SSH and FTP access. It will support MAC and PC platforms. Granted the maximum capacity available is 8TB, but it might be what you need for your requirements.

I was curious if anyone had tried that too.

If you really like linux, you could always look into Synology’s NAS devices too, which have a linux OS pre-installed. I know some people have modified the stock OS that comes with them. I have used both, and the WD sentinel seems to be easier to quickly integrate into an all windows environment. The Synology units don’t come with drives pre-installed, but you can tailor the RAID setup to your needs, including having a hot spare drive (RAID 5 +spare). The lack of choice in RAID setups is one of the things I don’t like about the sentinel so far.  I incorrectly assumed I could use one of the drives in the 8TB model I purchased as a spare drive and change it into a three drive RAID 5 server, since I didn’t need all of the space.