Alternate file types preferred over those of binary or debian

I am using Windows 10 operating system.

I have tried to install those files in binary format; however, it became too complex to install. Can you have its team developers change the file format or extension to other than BIN or DEB please?

Its purpose is to update its firmware.

Tried to install what files? To upgrade the single bay My Cloud firmware one would select the appropriate file for their My Cloud firmware version. One cannot update a first gen v4.x firmware My Cloud to the second gen v2.x firmware. One uses a web browser to access the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings page to manually upload the BIN or DEB file to the My Cloud. If one is having trouble uploading the firmware file try a different web browser or disable all browser add-on’s/extentions as a troubleshooting step.

How to Download and Manually Update Firmware on a My Cloud

@JP4575 If you are trying to perform a manual update try these steps.

Download the update, place it on your desktop.

Open the Dashboard and go to Settings>Firmware and then click on Manual Update>Update from file. Go to the file on your desktop and click it, it should install.