Alphabetic not numerical can it be changed?

Hi I am using a couple of WD my cloud devices for my music collection. I have a Linn network streamer and I use Kinsky software to control the streamer and access the drives for the music. I access the music using the “by folder” this results in the tracks being listed in alphabetical order instead of numerical order, meaning I can not simply select the tracks of an album in the same way as they are listed on the album.
I have used Linksys drives and LaCie drives on these devices the tracks are listed as they should be.
My question is, is there a way to reconfigure the WD drives to list the tracks in numerical order?
Thank you

That appears to be a feature of Kinsky. If I access my twonky server from the same device, using ‘by folder’ in Kinsky and BubbleUPnP, I get alpha in the former, and numeric with the latter.

There are some tips on optimising for clients here, but I’m not sure they’ll help.

I liked Kinsky, but they broke it so it won’t auto-advance to the next track on non-Linn DMRs, deliberately or otherwise.

I created a custom ‘view’ , which specifies the order. If I use this view, Kinsky presents numerically sorted.

If I use the default ‘Artist’ view, it presents alphabetically.

So it can be done…

Hi, thanks for the help. Can you tell me how to create a custom view. I have looked through all the areas in the twonky server but I can’t find where you would change the settings.

Read the FAQ, section ‘Optimising Behaviour for Media Clients’.