Alot of tough questions

Hi Ive been a long time fan of WD (even though my WD 2TB drive failed this year) and when doing research on setting up a wireless media network in my home I came across the WD TV live streaming. Which I am comparing to the Apple TV 2.

Anyways, what I want to accomplish is being able to WIRELESSLY stream my dvd, bluray, and music files from my PC to my HDTV and surround sound. It seems from the product specs page it is supposed to be able to do this. SO here are my questions.

I rip my DVD and BD movies to ISO files on my PC hard drive. I would like to play these wirelessly to my HDTV. Will this device do this? And can it do it with some kind of nice graphical interface?

I have A TON of mp3 music. On my PC I play it either through iTunes or windows media player. I would like to stream this music wirelessly to my surround sound. Now, currently, I take my PC into the living room, plug it in to the surround system and TV and can control WMP and my iTunes library wirelessly with my iPhone. Meaning I can see all my music on my phone and control playback with the cover pictures etc. (excellent for parties etc). I know this device does not do the control from a phone but the remote would be fine. So, does the device stream wireless music? Can it access iTunes (all my music is non-copywright protected). Can it access WMP? Or does it just use the files, and if so can I browse the cover art to pick music?

I will not be plugging in any usb drives or ethernet. Just wireless.

My PC is a fairly new Windows 7 home premium. I have a TP-LINK dual channel Wireless N 300Gbps USB 2 adapter plugged into it. It connects via wifi to a TP-LINK dual channel N 300Gbps Wifi access point, connected to my ATT dsl modem. My TV is a Panasonic HDTV Plasma (whatever the most expensive one from 3 years ago is) and the reciever is a high end Integra.

I would appreciate some knowledgable answers, otherwise I will have to buy the Apple TV and go through the MAJOR hassle of converting all my movies to whatever iTunes format can be played. Thanks!

You will have a hard time streaming BD ISOs wirelessly to the WD.

They’re complicated enough (and slow enough) on WIRED for that matter, but at least they’re reliable on wired.

Your wireless network better be FLAWLESS for BDs to function well.   And I do mean FLAWLESS.

My network at home is about 5 shades away from Flawless because I have about 30 visible WiFi neighbors polluting the air around me…  :)

Comparing the ATV2 to the WD is apples and oranges.   ATV2 can’t even do 1080 video, and the supported video is abysmal compared to the WD.

As you’ve already alluded to, ATV2 doesn’t support raw BD or DVD *at all.*

You should have no issues at all streaming your MP3s to the WD.   And, by the way, there IS a WEB-REMOTE for use on smart phones.    It’s kinda limited in what you can do, but at least SKIP or STOP or PLAY or whatever can work anywhere in the house.  

Basically it’s a graphical picture of the handheld remote;  as long as you don’t need to see what’s on the screen, you can do anything else with the web remote.

I even occasionally tease my wife by skipping tracks on her while I’m at work and she’s at home. :slight_smile: