Allow use of any Dynamic DNS service on WD NASs that support DDNS

At the moment all the MyCloud NASs only allow the use of no-ip or

Can a My Cloud OS firmware update be released where there is also a fully manual configuration of a DDNS server can be programmed into the Cloud OS?.

There are many DDNS alternatives out there on the Internet and even many routers restrict what DDNS services can be used to their pre-defined and hard-coded lists. It’s a bit unfair. It would be a big plus if Western Digital can make this sort of update where in addition to the two in the pre-defined list that there is a manual configuration where the user can specify the server address of any other DDNS service, port address, user name, password, etc…

The DDNS service on My Cloud OS should also be reliable at detecting when the public IP address of the network it’s connected to changes.

(Thank-you @peter.g for suggesting trying another ideas forum. Possibly this forum is the better area.)

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Hello Myron,

I appreciate your time and idea for our my cloud device. Your feedback will be forwarded to relevant department.

Thank-you. I have an account with a free to user DDNS provider and at the moment with the way the DDNS service operates on the MyCloud OS it is impossible to use the free DDNS provider.

It sort of is possible, but won’t persist over any reboot of the DL NAS and requires writing a script that has to be stored on the volume (as that would be wiped out over a reboot) and also having to re-add the entry to cron.

It would be better if it could be built-in for to supply an appropriate manual configuration and the DDNS client in the MyCloud OS to reliably realise when the ISP changes the public IP address of the network.

This is a common problem with many devices. The ISP supplied router also limits the use of a DDNS provider to a built-in not configurable list. :frowning:

How about, at least, allowing the use of on the next update? They take a one-off donation by PayPal and after that the DDNS service is free to use. The donation is taken, as written on the site, to stop abuse of their systems.

I like the idea of setting DDNS service manually.
Would work superb for me too.
Hope we are getting it soon!