Allow more possibilities on MyCloud Home

I bought a MyCloud Home thinking it was an evolution of MyCloud. I have one since it was called My Book Live, and it works amazingly well.

Am I the only one who feels made fool because of the MyCloud Home? WD doesn´t advertise it as being a ridiculously limited device, which you can even setup shares and users properly, no Dashboard, SSH, nothing. No real settings, actually, and to top it, it requires an internet connection to work…

The hardware is more powerful than the original MyCloud, it would be capable of doing much more… WD should open it to use with third party software or at least let us choose whether to use it in simple mode (not to say dumb mode, as it is now) and advanced mode (like real MyClouds).

I would surely return it and get an actual MyCloud, but unfortunately I live in Brazil and it was purchased in the US…

Anyone has any suggestions or solutions to fixing this product?

As is this product is worthless… I would be better of with PI3+ and a SATA HDD…


I agree with you this product is ridiculous.
If WD wants to create a CLOUD that it does from the internet, no need to have this hard drive at home.
Purchase useless.


The marketing for the MCH is scary. Almost the same name for a completely different product. A huge mistake and therefore the many hassles.

I now have another device from another manufacturer. Very good technology and very good support.

Nevertheless, I like the simple concept of MCH. But there are no minimum requirements: 2FA and local access to your own data. As it is, it is useless.

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Having just purchased a My Cloud Home I must agree with the sentiments here not even useful as a simple external drive.